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Generation Exchange

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Why Dexilla ?

Your assets are truly yours

With Dexilla's immutable and autonomous nature, it keeps your assets secure in your wallet. Transparency is realized in a decentralized system, with users acting as custodians.

Optimized gas fee

Proof by Our Average Fee: 0.1% Transaction Fee + $0.1 Avg. Gas Fee

Fastest Orderbook

FLASHMAP Engine - Redefining Speed: Smash Order Completion Records and Outrun the Competition with Our Top-Tier Layer2 Deposit/Withdrawal Speed!

Unlock Your Future in Crypto Trading

100% On-chain
Avg. Trading Fees
0.03% - 0.1%
Avg. Gas Fees*
Total Market Liquidity
(Combined DEXs Liquidity)
Not Crash And 12x
Lower Gas Fee

*Compares to Uniswap V2 on the Ethereum main net with the average yearly gas price.

Streamlined Support
Chains for Seamless Trading




A state-of-the-art order book system refined by AI, to achieve a new frontier in Orderbook management.

High scalability + 5x lower gas fees

We've redefined how order matching can lead to unprecedented efficiency.

This enables us to prevent system crashes like never before, all without having to compromise with costly gas fees

Faster order matching with Layer 2 speed

Our combination of Layer 2 deposit/withdrawal speed and FLASHMAP order matching delivers the effectiveness of a centralized exchange (CEX) within our decentralized platform (DEX).

With an understanding of the significance of your opportunities, we've gone the extra mile to ensure our system keeps your profits intact


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